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Our Partners


Principal Partners

•  Pan-African Strategic & Policy Research Group (PANAFSTRAG )

Pan-African Strategic & Policy Research Group-PANAFSTRAG is a Non Governmental Continental Think-Tank and Advocacy Group established in 1992. Its formation arose as a consequence of a challenge thrown by Ex-President Jimmy Carter of the United States of America on October, 29 th 1991. This was at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), Lagos in his opening address to the conference on African-Soviet-US cooperation study in Regional Conflicts/Diplomatic Initiatives. In that address he wondered why active & ex-African leaders, academics, diplomats, military, international civil servants and public officers were not creating non-governmental institutions to address its problems through action oriented research and studies on African Human Security problems... MORE

•  Niger State College of Education (NSCOE)

The Niger State College of Education was established by the defunct North-western state as an Advanced Teacher's College in 1975. As a result of the challenges of a growing need for manpower development, it was granted an autonomous status on 10 th August, 1979. Subsequently, it was later reviewed and replaced by the Niger State College of Education law in 1982.

It is the foremost premier College of Education within the Northern Region. It is situated along Minna-Suleja highway covering a land area of 261,952,126 hectares. It is one of the most peaceful campuses in the nation due to the management style adopted by successive administrations of the college...MORE

Networks & Collaborations

Networking and collaborations is an ongoing process, AAIPSDS is seeking for institutional support, collaborations and linkages to further reposition the institute. AAIPSDS is willing to partner with Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, International Agencies and Organisations, Research Institutes, Networks, Entities, Private Organisations and the Civil Society. The special areas of interest are:

Conference, Seminars, Workshops & Roundtables

AAIPSDS would collaborate and co-host conferences, seminars, workshops and roundtables on issues of critical concern at the global, regional, national & local levels.

Curriculum Development

The development of relevant curriculum of relevant packages for training at a formal and non formal settings on peace education and training, conflict transformation & management, emergency & disaster management, gender & Peace Building, Small Arms, Light Weapons & Security and Mediation., among others.

Capacity Building for AAIPSDS Staff

The institute would accept capacity building opportunities for its academic and non academic staff in order to broaden their knowledge and also enhance their skills that would result in their job performance

Resource Persons/Academic Teaching

AAIPSDS would offer opportunities for resource persons from diverse backgrounds to participate in its academic programmes with institutional support from agencies and institutions who offer such support.


AAIPSDS would collaborate or receive support to conduct research on strategic issues of critical concern to Africa

Internship for Students

Blending theory with practice is a core philosophy of AAIPSDS. Consequently, students/participants are expected to engage in internship, of a minimum of 3 weeks for short-term courses and 3 months for the Professional Diploma in Peace & Sustainable Development Studies. AAIPSDS would require internship opportunities for its students with relevant organisations who special areas of interests are:

•  Peace Education & Training

•  Mediation

•  Conflict Prevention & Assessment

•  Emergency & Disaster Management

•  Development

•  Gender & Human Security

•  Micro-Disarmament

Students Exchange Programme

AAIPSDS would partner with educational institutions on Students' Exchange Programme in order to broaden the horizon of its students.

Fellowships & Grants

AAIPSDS would partner with relevant organizations, agencies, international organizations, government agencies, research institutions, entities & civil society organisation through fellowships & grants to encourage young professionals, research fellows & staff to undertake the following:

•  Research

•  Further Studies

AAIPSDS Information Technologies & Resource Unit (ITRU)

AAIPSDS would partner with relevant agencies, organizations & entities in the use of information and communication technology to enhance research, teaching & learning in the thematic area of its interests as an organization. These will include the development & production of multimedia teaching materials, database and the development of online distance education courses among others.

Library Material Support

AAIPSDS would partner with relevant stakeholders towards enriching its collection of resource materials of various categories in order to enrich its Learning/ICT centre.




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