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Pan-African Strategic & Policy Research Group (PANAFSTRAG )

Pan-African Strategic & Policy Research Group-PANAFSTRAG is a Non Governmental Continental Think-Tank and Advocacy Group established in 1992. Its formation arose as a consequence of a challenge thrown by Ex-President Jimmy Carter of the United States of America on October, 29 th 1991. This was at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), Lagos in his opening address to the conference on African-Soviet-US cooperation study in Regional Conflicts/Diplomatic Initiatives. In that address he wondered why active & ex-African leaders, academics, diplomats, military, international civil servants and public officers were not creating non-governmental institutions to address its problems through action oriented research and studies on African Human Security problems


  • To provide an in-depth study and analysis of the problems of political and social stability, security and public safety and socio-development in Africa and its Diaspora, propose policy options for their solutions and the implementation strategic .    
  • To provide a forum for the discussion and  exchange of ideas, knowledge, expertise and experience through seminars, workshops, conferences, roundtables and study groups of African and Afro-Descendant scholars, security experts, policy makers and implementers.
  • To publish books, monographs, occasional papers, newsletters and such other publications that will support the aims and objectives of PANAFSTRAG, inform policy makers and enlighten the general public.
  • To create the bridge, bond and the linkage between Africans and Afro-Descendants for sharing best practice in community security and social issues and economic development with respect to small and medium scale enterprises (smes)
  • To provide research facilities for visiting scholars and practitioners especially from different Afro-Descendant communities of the world in order to enhance the mutual understanding of global strategic issues, common cultural values and endogenous knowledge.
  • To undertake collectively and through its chapters with partners such as the UN, the African Union, the Regional organisations, foreign governments, international organisations, industries and specialized agencies with interests in Africa and the Diaspora.
  • To promote through research and advocacy, policies for conflict prevention and innovation in institutional reforms of political and economic governance at all level for the benefits of Africans and Afro-Descendants Communities.

Strategic programmes of PANAFSTRAG

* African Diaspora  

*    African Heritage and Endogenous Knowledge

*     Technology and Trade

*    Micro Disarmament

•  Children affected by war and violence

•  Land mines

•  Small arms/Light weapons

*    Defence Studies

•  Military expenditure

•  People-Security Sector

•  Civil Society-Security Sector

•  Political-Military Relations

•  Elite-Security Sector

•  Security Sector Reforms (including Police and Paramilitary).

*    Conflict Studies

•  Early Response and Preventive Diplomacy

•  Peace Support Operations or Stability Restoration Operations

•  Military (including military humanitarianism)

•  Civilian Peace Keeping

•  Refugees and Internally Displaced People (humanitarian action)

•  Ethnic conflict

•  Demobilization, Disarmament, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of ex-combatants.

*    Restorative Justice

*    Disaster Prevention and Management

*    Political Stability, Public Safety and Economic Development (SMES)

*    Cross border Issues

*    Disarmament

*    Nuclear, Biological & Chemical

*    Convention on certain conventional weapons 1980 + Protocols

For more information about PANAFSTRAG visit www.panafstrag.org

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