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I started the programme while in the army, it enhanced my job as a soldier, and I see myself as an ambassador of peace. While still running the programme, I was posted to Bakassi Peninsula during the conflict between Nigeria and Cameroon . The conflict management skills I learnt became very useful in many situations. Also, it has enriched me with flexible and multidimensional approaches to leadership challenges.
Major Muhammad S. Abdullahi (Rtd)


My experience at AAIPSDS has been a unique one as a legal practitioner. The course has widened my knowledge in Alternative Dispute Resolution, which has enhanced my legal practice. The course is rich in content and the resource persons are knowledgeable and experienced.
Shehu Ameen Esq
Lawyer & ADR Consultant
Secretary, Legal Services, WRAPA


This course has exposed me to leadership skills and also broadened my knowledge on peace and development issues as it affects Africa in relation to the world. The programme is one of the best things that happened in the state and the nation at large; it is strategically located in the North-Central geo-political region. Also, Africans can benefit maximally from its programme
Ms Rachael Hassana Yisa
Education Officer


The programme has enhanced my job performance and added value to my knowledge in terms of analyzing policy issues that can bring about conflict and how to respond towards such identified issues. Furthermore, it has enhanced my ability to mediate and negotiate during conflicts.
Aliyu Isah Ekkan
Chief Council Officer, Government House , Niger State


The course has contributed tremendously in making me more focused on issues that are critical for sustainable human development and good governance. The standard of the programme is comparable to similar programmes elsewhere.
Hon. Yusuf Habib Babanmallam
A Seasoned Politician & Former Vice Chairman, Chanchaga Local Government Council


The programme has transformed me into appreciating people, their norms, culture and values. It has also prepared me to be a better society reformer. More so, as a traditional title holder in Minna Emirate council, my skill for mediating in resolving conflicts has improved tremendously.
Alh Abdullahi Paiko
(Jarman Minna & Dan Galadiman of Paiko) A Journalist by profession, Former Chief Press Secretary to the Executive Governor
Currently, Director, Information Services, Niger State Ministry of Information


The course indeed has a positive effect on my job performance, by virtue of my position as the chairperson of a Rent Tribunal, I have resorted to alternative dispute resolution and cases are settled quickly and relationships are maintained. Also, as a member of the legal committee of an NGO, WRAPA, we have resolved hitherto difficult cases through the employment of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods.
Bar Mairo M. Mann
A state Legal Council & currently Chairperson, Rent Tribunal Niger State and Member Legal Services committee of WRAPA, Minna


My participation in the course has transformed my views on the causes of conflicts and the methods of effectively resolving them. Also, I have been transformed me as a person in terms of how I relate with others and have had learnt to appreciate other people's feeling, values & culture. It has really been an enriching experience at AAIPSDS.
Hajiya Sa'adatu Kolo
Senior Special Adviser Girl-Child Education Niger State Government


The programme has been of immense benefits to me as a person. It has broadened my horizon about others, handling relationships and mediating in conflict situations. It has also enhanced my job performance as a chief council officer, in the government house of Niger state.
Mal. Musa Rogo
Chief Council Officer, Government House , Niger State


This course has improved my counselling skills and also mediating in conflicts among my congregation. Also, the course exposed me to the causes of conflicts of various categories and how they can be resolved. Indeed, religious clerics have significant roles to play on the need for peoples of varied groups to embrace peace & learn to appreciate one another.
Pastor Sunday Onuche
Pastor, Divine Grace Chapel, Minna


I have improved as a person. This programme is designed to make participants “think out of the box” and address the basic questions on issues of our times. It is important that agencies, individuals and the government support this initiative.
Magistrate Hamza Muazu
Niger State Judiciary


I am a lecturer at the Niger State College of Education and a specialist in agriculture. I have had an enriching experience at AAIPSDS. The course has broadened my knowledge on how to resolve conflicts within micro and macro levels of the society.
Alh Mohammed Ibrahim
Lecturer, Niger State College of Education


The impact of conflict is devastating; the programme has broadened my focus and also enhanced my job as a Rehabilitation Officer. It has also transformed my relationship with people. It has also been an enriching experience with inspiring challenges from the resource persons.
Moze Daniel Ioryem
Rehabilitation Officer Benue State Emergency Management Agency


I have been involved with Justice, Development & Peace Commission within the Catholic Church. I am involved in grassroots mobilization and dialogue with people of different faith and religions. The course has provided me with inspiring insights on conflict transformation among people, families & fcommunities. In every conflict there are warning signals and if those signals are addressed with an early response, such conflicts could be averted. Thanks to AAIPSDS for the skills & knowledge I have gained from the programme.
Rev Fr Bijimui Umaru
A Priest with Catholic Diocese of Minna


Gone for Further Studies

Rev. Fr Byimui Umaru Secured a post-graduate admission to University of Bradford to Pursue a Master's program in Peace Studies. Wishing you a successful stay at Bradford

Attended Capacity Building Workshop

Ms Rachael Hassana Yisa attended the Women in Peace Building Network (WIPNET) training programme organized by West Africa Network for Peace Building (WANEP) at Accra Ghana at Kofi Annan Peacekeeping Training Centre from Sept 17 th -21 st 2007.

New Appointment

Hajiya Sa'adatu Kolo was appointed by the Chief Servant of Niger State , Dr Mu'azu Babangida Aliyu, OON, Executive Governor of Niger State , Nigeria as the Senior Special Adviser on Girl-Child Education. Wishing you a Successful Tenure

New Appointment

Bar Mairo Mann has been appointed as a member of a judicial Panel of inquiry on Contracts executed by the post administration of the Niger State Government between May 29 th 1999-2007. This is an Opportunity to put into practice the Knowledge and Skills Learnt during your Programmed at AAIPSDS.

Contested and Won Primary Elections

Hon Abdul-Hamid A. El-Waziri, a seasoned grassroots politician recently contested under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party primary election for the Post of Chairman, Kontagora of Niger State for the forthcoming election. He won the primaries and he is now campaigning to secure the seat at the Local Government elections coming up

New Appointment

Mal Sani Ishyaku was appointed the Deputy vice Chairman Caretaker Committee of Muniya Local Government Area of Niger State .

This field is a vast discipline; opportunities available will depend on areas of specialization and personal interest of individuals. It is pertinent to note that career opportunities for graduates in Peace & Development Studies and other related short term courses in Emergency & Disaster Management, Mediation, and Gender & Sustainable Development among others are diverse.

There are no single set of qualifications that are required, however the following skills would make you more marketable:

•  Problem solving skills
•  Oral and written communication and presentation
•  Negotiation & mediation skills
•  Ability to work as a team
•  Appreciable knowledge and skills in computer
•  Critical analytical skills
•  Program development
•  Skills for conducting independent research & data interpretation

A wide range of career opportunities are readily available in teaching, research, the public service, law, journalism, management and the voluntary sector as well as organisations at the regional and international levels.

Public Service

Federal, state & local government bureaucrats in any of the following service areas:

•  Education
•  Justice
•  Emergency & Disaster Management
•  Correctional Institutions
•  Social welfare
•  Human resource management
•  Economic planning
•  Community development
•  Guidance Counsellor & School Mediator
•  Student Affairs
•  Centre for Peace, Human Rights, Democratic Governance
|•  College and University Positions
•  Curriculum Consultant
•  Institutes & Centres in Universities & Colleges

Military & Paramilitary organisations

Humanitarian Relief & Emergency Preparedness

International Development Agencies

United Nations & Related Agencies

Labour Union Movement

Civil Society Organisations

Legal Profession & Justice Systems


Conflict Management, Mediation or Arbitration

•  Workplaces

•  Government Related Offices

•  Family Court Mediator

•  Community Mediators


•  Religious Clerics

•  Volunteer Work

•  Missionary

•  Ministry

Elected Political Offices

Civilian Peacekeepers

Diplomatic & Government Services

International Relations & Affairs




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