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Developing Women’s Agenda for Peacebuilding in Nigeria

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This is a growing consensus on the significant consequences of armed conflict on various sub-groups of the population and the national polity at large. The call for “durable peace” or “inclusive peace” necessitates the need for employment a gender perspective towards efforts of peace building at the community, national, regional or global levels.

This underscores the significance of the 2000 United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 which state that “Member state to ensure increased representation of women all decision-making levels in national, regional and international institutions and mechanisms for the prevention, management and resolution of conflict”

Women in the Nigeria have significant roles to play in peace building and post conflict interventions currently being put in place by various stakeholders. The capacity-building programme will provide the basis for active involvement of women in peace building.

The Programme is a series of workshops organized by Women, Peace & Development Initiatives a Non-Governmental Organisation in collaboration with Abdulsalami Abubakar Institute for Peace & Sustainable Development Studies (AAIPSDS) as lead training Institution.

The Programme is aimed at developing an agenda for active engagement of women in Conflict Prevention, Early Response and all areas of Peacebuilding activities from community to the national level.

The first in the series was held at Merit House, Maitama Abuja from 11th-16th April, 2010. A total of seventy-two participants were in attendance, the participants were drawn from women organizations, civil society groups, grassroots groups, the academia, political parties, legislators, the civil service, and the media among others.
At the end of the highly interactive sessions, a communiqué was issued on the way forward.




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